Application Skills Training/ Development

Application Skills Development Training

Some customers require specific assistance with project based on a development activity skill. For example, project planning and management are frequently required by our clients. When we have available consultants with the desired skills, we offer our clients these services independent contacts not related to software deliverables.

Key Benefits

• Senior Personnel with Unique Skills and Experience
• Flexible Scheduling of Activity
• Flexible Contractual Arrangements


Project Planning

Customers often need some assistance to plan a project. This includes creating the work breakdown structure, estimating and scheduling of tasks.

Application Design Architecture

Many clients seek assistance with overall application design architecture and associated techniques such as Database Modeling and Design, Process Modeling and Design, and most recently, Object Oriented Modeling and Design.

Technical Architecture for Application Infrastructure

We provide consulting related to the selection of application development components such as programming toolkits, database package software, programming languages, etc. For some components we are prepared to offer technical education for client staff.