Arkansas / eOMIS

Marquis upgraded Arkansas Department of Correction’s (ADC) legacy Offender Based Information System with a modern, enterprise-wide, web-based electronic Offender Management Information System (eOMIS™).

Arkansas Department of Correction desired to have a system that was easy to learn, easy to use, contained more functionality, integrated with other agencies, and was less expensive to operate and maintain. Prior to eOMIS™, ADC was running off of software developed in 1987 that suffered from  obsolete technology and a lack of integration with other systems combined with exorbitant operating expenses, extensive training requirements, and lack of Cobol programmers to maintain the system.

Arkansas Department of Correction averages over 16,000 inmates and 54,000+ clients under supervision by their 5,300 employees in 20 facilities across the state. ADC needed a software with multiple interfaces capable of integrating with systems including but not limited to: the Arkansas Bureau of Investigations CCH, AFIS, NCIC, and NLETS as well as Arkansas State Police, US Marshals, and FBI.

The Strategic Offender Management System was rolled out in three phases:

  • • First phase eOMIS™ Community Supervision – replacement of the existing inmate and parole case management support that had been running on the mainframe since 1987
  • • Second phase eOMIS™ Inmate Management implementation –
  • • Third phase eOMIS™ Electronic Health Record

eOMIS™ was implemented statewide in November of 2002 and has been maintained and enhanced by Marquis ever since.


  • • eOMIS™ has resulted in reduced requirements for user training and improved data integrity
  • • Re-classification of inmates is now automatically performed based on objective data
  • • Release dates are considered 100% accurate
  • • The number of staff users has been expanded
  • • The top management team now uses the system to retrieve offender and operational information
  • • Data is now entered in real time resulting in accurate data on-line