Custom Application Development

With over a quarter century of experience in the IT industry, Marquis provides custom developed applications to meet any need. Focusing on customer service and cutting edge development, Marquis has the resources to deliver your project on time and within budget. Ready to talk about your needs? Just call or email.

Custom Application Development Services

Marquis develops custom application software.  We design, program and test software unique to each customer based on the specifications that are developed either by the customer or in partnership with our staff.   When our work is completed, the software is ready for user training and integration testing.  Our typical project size ranges from large applications with many modules each containing many programs to smaller scale projects with a single functional enhancement to an existing system.

Key Benefits

  • Industrial Grade Quality Application Design
  • Encyclopedia Centric Approach to Documentation and Component Generation
  • Experienced Team with a Proven Track Record of Success
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership Over the Life of the Application


Application Analysis and Requirements Definition

We take a leadership role in the creation and documentation of requirements.  When the needs are not clear, we assist with the analysis of needs and the design of the alternative solutions.

User Interface Design

We develop screen and report designs to meet the user requirements. As a prerequisite we develop the specifications for the standard screen and report format.  The primary user interaction is conducted using the Joint Application Design (JAD) process.  This is an iterative process.  Users are involved at each step and actively participate in the design and quality assurance process.

General System Detail and Specification

Once the total scope of the project is determined, we subdivide the system into modules and components.  The external system interfaces are identified and specified.

Detail Technical Design and Program Specification

Detail specifications for all components are developed.  The programs have specifications including pseudo-code.   All aspects of the database and associated records are defined.  A final quality assurance review is conducted for technical integrity and user requirements.

Component Construction and Unit Testing

Construction is scheduled for the components based on the implementation schedule.  Generally for large projects, there is a phased approach for construction and implementation.  Each component is tested individually by the programmer.

System Testing

When all the components for an implementation module are completed, we conduct a system test with the assistance of the users.  This is a quality check designed to find and fix defects that are not identified in unit testing.

Data Conversion Planning and Construction

We assist with data conversion planning for all existing data.  This generally includes analysis of what data needs to be converted and how best to structure the data conversion process.

Train the Trainers

Typically we train the trainers.  We support the creation of training materials.  During the training process we provide expert assistance for problem and issue resolution.

Implementation Support

We provide problem and issue resolution support during implementation.  Defect support is provided as required.

Routine Maintenance

On-going maintenance is managed based on the customer preference for each project.  We contract for maintenance activity, or maintenance assistance.

Functional Enhancements

We support on-going enhancements as a component of our routine maintenance contracts.

Note:  We work with our clients to meet their individual needs.   If you have a specific concern, please ask.  Generally, we perform development activity in a partnership with the client.  Activities that our customers typically perform have not been mentioned.

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