Common Offender Functions

Common Offender Functions is designed to be an integral component of your inmate operations, with core functionality including:

  • Offender Reception Process
  • Offender Tracking & Release
  • Court Ordered Payment
  • Investigation Tracking & Statistics
  • Offender Time Computation
  • Offender Data Administration
  • External Operating Interfaces
  • Offender Decision Support
  • Sex Offender Tracking

eOMIS Common Offender Functions consists of nine modules that are seamlessly integrated into the three Core Applications (Inmate Management, Healthcare Management & Community Supervision) providing a  single, enterprise-wide and comprehensive eOMIS system.

Rapid Application Development tool (RADtool)

RADtool maintains an active, integrated data dictionary and system inventory. The functionality provided by the RADtool is used by all the three Core Applications (Inmate Management, Healthcare Management and Community Supervision). The primary function is to validate all code filled values on input and interpret all code values on output. Additionally, this module determines code value effective dates and automatically maintains the drop down lists.