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Over 30 years ago, Marquis Software’s founder led the way in enterprise-wide automation of corrections software. Since then, we’ve pioneered data tracking for offenders from jail to prison to community supervision. Our comprehensive Electronic Offender Management Information System (eOMIS™) is considered to be the best on the market.


At over 165,000 inmates, our very successful implementation for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (SOMS) is the largest corrections database in the country. Now, we are leading the way again through collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Correction in integrating Electronic Health Records (EHR) management into correctional system operations. (Ask about our EHR)
With tighter budgets and even more scrutiny over large state projects…Why take chances with anything less than a Marquis solution? Experience Marquis Software for yourself.


To find out more information on Common Offender Functions and our RADtool click here. For more information on our Common Infrastructure Functions click here.


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    eOMIS Inmate Management
    The eOMIS™ Electronic Inmate Management component uses technological efficiencies to improve the way inmate information is accessed, providing daily benefits across all of your operations.
  • eOMIS_HealthcareMgmt_168x186productimage
    eOMIS Healthcare Management
    The eOMIS™ Electronic Health Records uses technological efficiencies to improve the delivery of inmate health, dental and mental health services, while also assisting to reduce health care costs.
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    eOMIS Community Supervision
    The eOMIS™ Community Supervision component provides a complete electronic case file system for Officers who monitor offenders who are under supervision.