Our software takes the hassle out of offender management, but don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers are saying about us:

“CDCR has successfully deployed the first two releases of eOMIS™ software to over 30,000 end users at 33 prisons, automating the intake, movements, counts, holds/warrants/detainers, and visitation functionality. End users report that the software is easy to learn and easy to use, and once they get the hang of using it, can’t imagine life without it! The successful on-time and on-budget deployments of these first modules is a testament to the strong working partnership CDCR enjoys with both Marquis and our integrator, HP. We are looking forward to continued success as we work to deploy the remaining functionality of the SOMS solution. This is the largest successful implementation of an automated offender information system in the known universe!”

Russ Nichols CIO • California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


“After utilizing SOMS over the past three months, I find many processes to be simple and user friendly.”

R. Eaton • Corr. Sergeant, VSPW


“The department should have done this a long time ago!”

Paul Sebold • Corr. Sergeant, SCC


“154’s – What a beautiful thing. Building staff can generate a 154 bed move in their cell block, forward it to the Facility Sergeant. The Sergeant can review it via his ticker tape and approve it or disapprove it. The Sergeant then can forward it to the Facility Lieutenant for approval and send it to the Control Sergeant for processing. This is all done electronically and will be much more efficient, and will save time and money by eliminating the hard copy 154.”

Russ Kessler • Corr. Lieutenant, SVSP


”Integration of systems and data will lead to increased efficiency at almost every level of the department. Staff will have the availability to review but most importantly input information in real‐time. Untold personnel hours will be saved by not having to physically access central file information or just having to wait for the file to become available.

Frank Vanderhoofven • Corr. Lieutenant, PBSP