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Ed Fishback

Edward W Fishback, Jr

President & CEO

Edward W. Fishback, Jr. serves as the President and Chief Application Architect for Marquis Software® and is responsible for the acquisition, implementation, and maintenance of eOMIS® for all customers and manages the Marquis Project Managers for each contract.

Ed has more than 38 years of Corrections IT experience, having fulfilled the leadership role for nine statewide OMS implementations in the Florida, Washington, Arizona, Arkansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kentucky, California and Colorado Correctional Departments.

Ed managed all phases of the projects, coordinating efforts from Marquis and the client as well as third party contractors. Included within his oversight were initial functionality gap assessment, data conversion, interface development, software configuration & customization, system & user testing, training, and finally, statewide deployment. In each project, the time frames were different, the order of module deployment was different, and the requirements were different. What was not different however, was the success.

Ed earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Duke University.