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Evergreen IT

Designing Your OMS for the Future: Marquis’ Evergreen Strategy

An OMS is the lifeblood of a corrections agency. As a complex, mission-critical application, it must have the ability to support thousands of staff and track tens of thousands of offenders. A well-designed OMS improves staff and operational productivity and security; but to remain effective over time, it must be renewed constantly to meet evolving agency and technological requirements.

Traditionally, the process of upgrading software is a costly and time-consuming effort. It can be a source of major frustration for agencies, as productivity is lost during downtimes, staff must be re-trained, and the functionality of ancillary software has to be tweaked or upgraded. For these reasons agencies often delay upgrading as long as possible, preferring to utilize existing software even as it becomes outdated, inefficient, and vulnerable to security breaches.

Marquis’ Evergreen Strategy keeps our software current without the costly cycle of periodic, large-scale upgrades. As part of our support, we refresh eOMIS® with regular updates and enhancements. This approach puts our clients’ needs first by removing extra costs, unnecessary downtime, loss of productivity, and security risks. We plan deployments around clients’ timetables and follow an agile approach with timely promotions.

From its inception, Marquis designed eOMIS® to be a long-term solution. Our comprehensive system consists of integrated but self-contained modules that are flexible, configurable, and upgradeable. This modular design allows agencies to implement the system through a phased approach, and to upgrade modules independently with minimal impact on the rest of the system.

Moreover, eOMIS® is designed to accommodate rapid changes in workflows and legislative requirements specific to correctional agencies. Such flexibility is possible due to our database and metadata design, which keeps operational functions separate from technological infrastructure. Thus, enabling the eOMIS® platform, both software and infrastructure, to always remain Evergreen with minimal impact to the agency. 

Additionally, we understand the importance of balancing operational stability with just-in-time system updates. This balanced approach depends on a well-coordinated team effort among the agency and Marquis teams. We help keep operations running efficiently by providing documentation and training to support system changes.

In summary, Marquis delivers Evergreen IT through software design, continuous improvement, agile processes, and client support. Our Evergreen Strategy means your investment in a new OMS will serve your current and future needs for years to come.