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eOMIS® Community Corrections

Sentence Components

Manage all components of offender sentences

Tracks an offender’s sentencing data, including statutory charges, number of counts, county of offense, docket number, offense details, and terms of supervision.

Special Conditions

Capture and connect offender special conditions

The ability to capture and report on any special conditions that may be stipulated as a condition for release. These conditions can feed into violation reports, allowing for automated reporting of any violations the offender may have committed.

Risk/Needs Assessment

Easily view offender patterns and problems

Allows for the creation of offender-specific risk assessments. The ability to view these assessments over time is imperative in helping officers identify patterns or potential problems offenders may be facing.

Supervision History

Track and update offender movements

The ability to track and update supervision events specific to each offender. These events include intake, transfer, electronic monitoring, and discharge details. The reason for each movement or event is also recorded, alongside the name of the staff who is making the entry to maintain the integrity of the record.

Supervision Cautions

Manage and view offender cautions

Allows staff to track and update any cautions associated with an offender, such as gang affiliation, staff or offender separation alerts, violence, absconder, owner of dangerous animals, etc. For officer safety, these cautions are prominently displayed on the InTouch app as well as the application.

Supervision Contacts

Manage and retrieve offender contacts

The ability to track contacts made with the offender, including law enforcement contacts. By using the supervision contacts screen during office visits, officers can schedule an appointment for the offender, an office visit or an appointment with a treatment counselor for assessment if needed. Supervision contacts are displayed chronologically for easy searching.

Violation Reports

Calculate and monitor offender violations

An integrated tool is used to calculate and monitor an offender’s violations during supervision. Based on the reported violation, the Violation Guide can automatically recommend incremented sanctions. Officers are alerted when the highest level of points has been reached, so a violation report or other action can be taken.

Program Referrals

Add and manage offender referrals

Allows staff to view, add, and update treatment referrals for an offender. Each referral contains details such as counselor, counselor contact information, comments, and status dates for easy tracking.

Program Achievements

Manage offender completions

Allows staff to view and add program completions for an offender. Such achievements include treatment programs, literary skills, educational certificates, and supervision compliance milestones. Any good time credits tied to an achievement are automatically applied and calculated.

Financial Obligation/Fees

Manage offender financial records

Maintains a record of all financial obligations an offender owes, including lump sum obligations such as restitution, and ongoing payments such as supervision fees and child support. When offenders submit payments, receipts are generated, and checks are disbursed via Third Party.

Swap/Transfer Caseload

Manage caseloads and transfers

The ability to move offenders from one caseload to another either individually or in groups as a result of staffing changes, caseload disbursement, offender relocation, etc.

Locate Offenders by Criteria

Comprehensive view of offender information

This robust search screens allows for offenders to be filtered by supervision office, status, termination date, supervision level, offense category, and other demographics.

Interstate Compact

Track offenders across states

Statewide, area, and office level reports to track interstate compact offenders from other states or offenders who are out to another state. Reports include upcoming out of state closures, actions due, and overdue progress reports.

Docket Management

View and manage upcoming events

Allows staff to schedule, search, and execute tasks specific to parole board events.  These include upcoming hearings, past hearings, etc.

Recommendations & Voting

Maintains parole board decisions

Tracks all actions specific to parole board decisions including commissioner recommendations, conditions of parole, as well as voting history.


Parole revocation tracking

Tracks the entire process of parole revocation from scheduled hearings to the parole board’s final decision, including notifications to key staff.