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Integrated Corrections Research Model

Criminal justice research is more important than ever. Practitioners want to establish best practices and measure the effectiveness of their policies. Legislators and funding organizers are supporting evidence-based practices and methods for reducing recidivism. Best practices can only be evaluated by applied research; but such research always faces significant hurdles to arrive at actionable results. 

As the industry’s leading provider of Offender Management Systems, Marquis Software offers the Integrated Corrections Research Model (ICRM) to overcome these hurdles and provide practitioners with research studies that are relevant, cost-effective, and externally-verified by criminal justice experts.

ICRM Studies:

1. Office Appointment Text Message Reminders – Randomized Controlled Trial (Arkansas Community Corrections)
  • Outcome – no-show office visits reduced by 43% with a text message reminder the day before
  • Duration – 6.5 months (10/5/18-4/15/19)

2. Supervision Fee Text Message Reminders – Longitudinal Study (Arkansas Community Corrections)
  • Outcome – supervision fee payments increased by 52% with a text message reminder
  • Duration – 3 months (July, August, and October 2019)

3. Client Portal Public Safety and Officer/Client Satisfaction – Longitudinal Study (Arkansas Community Corrections) UNDERWAY

4.  Client Portal Resource List Usage (Kentucky Division of Probation and Parole) UNDERWAY

5. Re-Entry Simulation Impact Study (Kentucky Division of Probation and Parole) UNDERWAY