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Our Company

Marquis Software® is the leading provider of Offender Management Software solutions in the U.S. Market. For over 40 years, Marquis has supported state prisons, county jails, and community corrections by providing mission critical software. We ensure our customers operate the most robust, all encompassing, leading-edge OMS software available in the market today!

Correctional Operations, whether incarceration or community supervision, is one of the most critical public safety components of the Criminal Justice continuum. Our clients, our partnering investment in our clients, and the history of success by our clients tells our story, all across the country. From county jails, to state probation and parole agencies, to the largest state prison systems, Marquis Software® delivers the solutions that help organizations succeed!

How has Marquis and our clients been so successful for over forty years? The formula that is the core to our success is simple:

  • We ensure that our clients are “always” successful
  • We invest in skilled staff who are committed to our clients
  • We continuously improve our eOMIS® solution
  • We leverage enhancements from clients that benefit all of our clients
  • We expand our client’s horizons by exploring new technologies
  • We position ourselves as a thought leader in the industry

Taken together, Marquis Software® is the answer to your challenges. When you must minimize risk, when budget approval is extremely difficult to achieve, when you need a solution provider who has been there and done that, and when you want a trusted partner who makes sure you succeed, the answer is simple. Experience the Marquis Difference!