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ONC Cost and Limitations 2015

Marquis Software Development Inc.
eOMIS® Electronic Health Record Version 2015.1

Cost and Limitations

The 2015 ONC Certified eOMIS® Electronic Health Record Version 2015.1 requires additional costs, contractual obligations, and technical and practical limitations as described below:


Marquis provides two pricing options, both are based on the Average Daily Population of inmates within the facilities.

Option 1 – Consists of a fixed software license fee in addition to one-time payments for implementation, configuration, training, and data conversion. Marquis also requires that licensees utilizing eOMIS®, purchase and maintain an annual Maintenance Agreement so as to receive necessary updates and assistance. Contract obligations are set for a minimum of three years.

Option 2 – Is a subscription model, where a client is able to license eOMIS® at a negotiated Per Inmate Per Day (PIPD) rate. Payments are calculated and invoiced each month. Marquis subscription model includes implementation, configuration, training, and maintenance. Data Conversion is based on complexity and may require an additional one-time fee. Contract obligations are set for a minimum of three years.


For the purposes of achieving meaningful use objectives, eOMIS® Electronic Health Record modules include required functionality. For secure information exchanges, the customer will need provide their own HISP or contract with a third-party HISP. In addition, eOMIS® requires an internet connection to perform many required tasks.

Third Parties

The eOMIS® product in dependent upon third parties for some capabilities. These third parties are PEPID for drug interaction and formulary checks. eOMIS® licensees may not choose alternatives to these third parties and are not required to enter into separate agreements with the third parties.

§170.315(b)(10) – Electronic Health Information Export

eOMIS® supports the ability to export electronic health information (EHI) for a single patient and full patient population in accordance with §170.315(b)(10) – Electronic Health Information export of the ONC 2015 Edition Cures Update Certification Criteria. The export files are in Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) format, which is a standardized, XML-based format for encoding clinical documents.  An authorized eOMIS® application user can export EHI for an individual patient at any time the user chooses without developer assistance. For more information on obtaining a bulk EHI export for a patient population, please contact your Project Manager.  For reference on CDA structure, please review the C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide.


Marquis is a privately held corporation operating from our headquarters at 1625 Summit Lake Loop, Suite 105, Tallahassee, Florida 32317. The contact person for eOMIS® Electronic Health Record module pricing is:

Ben Harrell, Director of Sales and Marketing
Office: 850-877-8864 ext. 123
Fax: 850-877-0359

Marquis agrees to notify Drummond Group of any changes to the eOMIS® Electronic Health Record modules mandatory disclosure language. Marquis understands and agrees the ONC HIT Certification Program final rule statement gives Drummond Group, as an ONC-ACB, the sole responsibility for ensuring compliance and determining appropriate consequences if Marquis fails to disclose accurate mandatory information.

Marquis agrees to provide Drummond Group access to any and all websites, marketing materials, communication statements and other assertions made by Marquis regarding the ONC certification status of the eOMIS® Electronic Health Record modules in a reasonable time to ensure the mandatory disclosure information is being accurately published.

Best Regards,

Glenn Fishback

Transparency Attestation
Certificate of EHR Compliance