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eOMIS® Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Health Records

Capture and record all patient health data and encounters

Offender health encounters can be generated by (but not limited to) the following user groups: Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, Psychiatry, Optometry and Dietitian. Each of these encounter categories are configurable by the client to match encounter questionnaires which follow the client’s current clinical methodologies. In addition, E-Forms are used to capture user and offender signatures for the documentation of medical acknowledgements. Pinpointing and viewing medical events are achieved using the EHR History Chart and Treatment Plan Chart menu options. Offender specific health data is viewed by selecting from the following health tabs comprising the patient medical record:

  • Patient Record Synopsis
  • EHR History Chart
  • EHR Treatment Plan Chart
  • Health Problems/Conditions
  • Encounters
    • Medical, Nursing, Dental, BH, Psychiatry, Optometry, Dietitian
    • Drug Prescription Orders
    • Standard E-Forms
    • Vital Signs History

User Menus

Quickly access frequently used clinical menus

The eOMIS® UI (user interface) permits an authorized user to quickly access frequently used clinical menus. Each user group is assigned a pre-defined list of [configurable] items specific to that workflow. This feature is exemplified through the nursing specific menu for documenting offender health service requests, to accessing scheduling menus for the Appointment Scheduling staff.

  • Common Health/Medical/Clinician/Nursing/etc., Provider
    • Drug Prescription Orders
    • SOAPE Notes
    • Health Services Requests (Kites)
    • Offender Appointments

OMS Integration

Ensures a strong connection between offender management and health modules

Offender management is the precursor to the health management functionality in eOMIS®. As a result, clinical actions such as placing health directed transfer holds, recording consult appointment information, and offender alerts can be displayed to the non-health care offender management user. This supports the tight integration between the offender management and health modules in eOMIS®.

  • Transfer Holds
  • Consult Appointments
  • Pending Alerts

Order Searching

Locate and identify the status of all diagnostic orders placed

Order results, when received, are automatically displayed for the ordering provider in the Landing Page portlets. eOMIS® contains a host of Order search screens which allow the user to identify the status of all diagnostic orders placed, based on the offender’s current location, or the offender’s location when the order was placed.

  • X-Ray Orders
  • Lab Test Orders
  • Pending Provider Reviews


Provides access to necessary information to facilitate management of inmate health

Nurses have options for administering medications ranging from scanning individual offender DOC name badges, generating offender lists by housing area/living unit, or downloading medication orders in eOMIS® mobile apps for offline administration. These records are later uploaded when an internet or Wi-Fi connection is available. Nurses are also able to access PPD and Immunization screens, and Pending Treatment Order menus which facilitate the management of insulin, blood pressure checks, and wound care (to name a few).

  • Administer Medication
  • Immunization Administration


Record high-quality inmate dental records to devise medically appropriate plans

Dental functionality includes the implementation of a new and advanced full color, graphical dentalcharting tool. This new tool allows the dental user to document offender tooth conditions and access this documentation for the development of treatment plans. This information, as well as associated dental x-rays, is available to be used in subsequent encounters to devise medically appropriate dental plan of actions.

  • Dental Charts

Behavioral Health

Document behavioral health encounters impacting inmate health in support of reducing recidivism

The Behavioral Health menu includes options for documenting encounters for Alcohol and Drug, Mental Health, and Sex Offender treatment. New customized functionality includes the ability to auto-calculate offender behavioral health scores based on diagnosis and the information documented in eOMIS® E-F Treatment plans for Alcohol and Drug, Mental Health, and Sex Offender patients truly function as dynamic tools for the monitoring and management of program/counseling objectives and support the reduction of recidivism within the offender population. This is accomplished through the Group Counseling and Restrictive Housing Visit functionality in eOMIS®.

  • Facility Programs Offered
  • Group Counseling
  • Restrictive Housing Visit


Comprehensive access to pharmaceutical information for nurses, prescribers and pharmacists

Complete Pharmacy workflows are achieved through the integration of eOMIS® and our partner product, WellSky® Medication Management (formerly Ascend). Provider, refill, and verbal order requests are interfaced to the pharmacy vendor for processing and dispensing. In addition to refill denials and the discontinuation of medication orders, prescribers and pharmacists can communicate directly within eOMIS® when there are issues or questions regarding an order. Nurses can manage clinic stock lists efficiently through inventory utilization reporting and on-screen orders placed directly to the pharmacy. All medication management business rules are incorporated for streamlined efficiency.

  • WellSky®
  • Drug Prescription Orders
  • Pharmacy Encounters

Laboratory & X-Ray

Manage and access inmate diagnostic orders for analysis

Offender diagnostics for ordering and viewing results are achieved through interfaced modalities. As orders are placed in eOMIS®, these orders are transmitted to the pharmacy and lab vendors. When results are obtained, this information is displayed to the ordering provider (or designee) in the form of easy to read patient rows located in the Landing Page. This Landing Page serves as a starting point for clinical reviews and alert the user of any potentially negative clinical outcomes.

  • Lab Test Orders
  • X-Ray Orders


Record information related to consultations for reconciliation of clinical treatment

Consultation requests is generated for onsite, offsite, and telemedicine referrals. This module allows the client to document authorizations, scheduling, notification of results, and the digital scanning of any associated consult documentation for reconciliation of clinical treatment directly into eOMIS®.

Appointment Scheduling

Manage all inmate health services and appointments

Offender scheduling is performed and accessed throughout the eOMIS® application. From scheduling health service requests, to offsite offender scheduling, appointments can be successfully scheduled, and as needed, displayed to the non-health care offender management user(s) for appropriate action.