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Data Analytics

At Marquis, we believe that data analytics is business driven, and that means giving our customers as much control over the look, feel, and layout of the analytical tools we provide for them as possible. Our data analytics solutions allow for varying levels of user customization, from providing alternative dark modes to allowing users to customize where content is displayed in their personal analytics tools.

We empower our users to take full advantage of their eOMIS® data analytics tools with minimal training by embedding helpful navigational and content assists throughout and we provide tools that also allow our users to view and interact with their data in many different ways.

Our data analytics expertise is informed by years of experience not only within Marquis, but also as IT and research practitioners at correctional agencies across the US. We strive to put useful tools in the hands of our users, not just pretty charts, and shallow widgets. We work alongside our customers’ subject matter experts to first understand the challenges they face, and then develop the business intelligence solutions they need. Accordingly, we view ourselves as not only providers of corrections focused data analytic solutions but also, and more importantly, as partners in solving difficult business problems with easy-to-use, business-centered, data-driven tools. Our dashboards are interactive and integrated with the eOMIS® application, allowing users to take immediate action on the insights gained from them.

Many of our customers also benefit from the integration of the eOMIS® application with Pentaho Business Intelligence Software Suite. Using the Pentaho BI tools, our users are able to leverage powerful data manipulation and analytics tools and even create entirely new data assets through data warehousing.

Data Warehouse Diagram