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eOMIS® Inmate Management

Inmate Reception Processing

Confirm identification of new intakes, capture demographics & photos

Able to utilize biometric technology to confirm identify of new intakes, capture demographics & photos (including scars/marks/tattoos), follow a multi-workstation interview workflow process for PREA, STG, keep separates, property inventory, etc.

Property Tracking

Track inmate property and maintain currency during facility transfers

Able to inventory, retain images, track the receipt/issuance/shipping of property, generate receipts, and keep the inventory current as the inmate transfers from facility to facility.

Inmate Custody Classification

Gather needed data to recommend custody level with override options

An adjustable, automated scoring instrument (consistent with NIC standards) which reacts in real-time to changing inmate data. Utilizing the extensive information in eOMIS®, the ICC gathers current and historical data, behavior and other relevant information to recommend a custody level, while providing for staff and supervisory review and override options.

Inmate Discipline

Capture disciplinary infractions and automatically validate recommended sanctions

Provides the ability to capture all components, stages and reviews of disciplinary infractions. Mandated time constraints are tracked with automated notices to staff, statements and evidence are digitized, and recommended sanctions are automatically validated against policy with loss of gain time confirmed with what is available to lose.

Facility Transfer

Provides eligible facilities for transfer based on system data

As inmates are classified, assessed and assigned risk, needs and custody levels, whether from reception, a routine transfer facility to facility, or a reclassification to an ad seg unit, they can be compared to facilities and housing units that meet the required characteristics. All of an agency’s correctional facilities, beginning with the housing units, and then moving down through the wings, floors, bays, cells, pods, and beds, have their characteristics in the eOMIS® inventory. If an inmate transfer is considered, the system utilizes that data to provide the eligible facilities, then if they have or will have a vacancy, are there any “keep separates”, STG issues, PREA issues, etc. All of this data then assists staff and subsequent reviewers in the process to ultimately select an appropriate location, with secondary and tertiary backup locations.


Inventory of vehicle capacities and scheduled delivery routes

Provides detailed inventory of agency transportation vehicles with capacities and scheduled delivery routes. Integrated with the Transfer and Capacity functionality to support finely tuned inmate movement coordination after transfers are approved. Transfer bus seat inventories are maintained in real time so that efficiencies are gained when utilizing transport routes with multiple drop off and pick up facilities.

Sentence Calculation

Provide flexible framework for accurate sentence calculation

The detailed sentencing component tracking previously described provides the framework for accurate sentence calculation and ultimate flexibility in the event of court ordered revisions, added or deleted cases/components, new case law, etc. To provide clarity in the complex area of sentence calculation, eOMIS® also provides a workshop of tools; sentence calculator what-if worksheets, arithmetic synopsis pages for all sentences, visual diagrams depicting all sentence components (relationship to each other, which is the controlling sentence, etc.).

Special Housing

Track data related to unique operational requirements of special housing

Functionality is provided to track the unique operational requirements of special housing, such as administrative segregation, disciplinary/punitive confinement, protective housing, etc. This includes tracking officer rounds, staff entry and exits, exercise, etc., and includes our InTouch mobile app for tablets.

Program and Work Assignment

Maintain various data for inmate assignments

Maintains data on all full-time, part-time, and voluntary inmate work and program assignments. Includes eligibility criteria, classification requirements, time offered, capacity, waiting lists, and attendance. Tracks performance evaluations, ingress and egress, outcomes, and graduation.

Canteen Inventory & Sales

Track canteen data integrated with inmate banking and manage inventory

The ability to track purchases, balances, authorized or not. Integration with inmate banking, automated debits. Maintain stock, inventory and track sales.

Inmate Banking

Maintain inmate accounts and transactions

Maintains inmate bank accounts, including checking, savings, and special accounts (e.g. Club, Library). Records all transaction types including cash receipts, payroll receipts, canteen purchases and other authorized inmate expenses. Supports closing out an inmate account at release.

Food Services Operations

Flexibly manage all aspects of food service

Provides flexibility for managing kitchen food items and kitchen equipment, recipe cards with nutritional information and conversion scale, menu management with analysis to calculate cost of meals served. Tracks special diet meals tracking, disciplinary meals, health inspections. Barcode scanning system to track number of meals served and to prevent offenders from entering the meal line more than once.

Geospatial Mapping – Facility Specific

Comprehensive mapping of all parts of the correctional facility

Provides a detailed correctional facility map with identifying characteristics, (housing units, cells, perimeter fencing, roads, sidewalks, cross fences, etc.). Allows incidents, disciplinary infractions, inmate demographics, etc. to be visualized geospatially over time. Additionally, provides drill down capabilities into cell blocks, etc. to view housing units with color coded visuals of STG membership, violent inmates, separations/precautions, etc.

Court Ordered Financial Obligations

Manage all aspects of offender financial obligations

Maintains a record of all financial obligations an offender owes, including lump sum obligations such as restitution, ongoing payments such as child support, inmate liens/loans. Collects payments from clients, generates receipts and disburses funds via a third party.

Inmate Visitor Application & Visitation Tracking

Track inmate visitations integrated with use of biometric devices

Tracks applications by Relatives/Associates for visitation. Tracking of visitor entry/exit. Use of Address Book functionality. Integrated with biometric devices in Facility Access Control functionality