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Leading the Way

Leadership in Corrections Information Systems

Marquis’ leadership in the OMS market is evident in many ways, from the robust functionality, to the ease of use, to the depth of integration. However, one of the easiest ways to portray that leadership is through the commitment to innovative use of technology. Following are two examples of the Marquis commitment to quality improvement and expanding the strength and value of eOMIS® through research and innovation.

Business Intelligence (BI), Human-Computer Interface (HCI), and User Experience (UX)

Marquis’ teams have for decades been dedicated to innovating corrections information systems through classic engineering techniques, unparalleled data collection, and innovative UI designs. This is the foundational cornerstone of eOMIS®.

eOMIS® has long been known to have the deepest, broadest, most complete data store in the Corrections industry. Now, by employing the latest technology available in the Business Intelligence (BI), Human-Computer Interface (HCI), and User Experience (UX) fields, Marquis is again leading the way in “data exposition”.

Through purposeful investment, a team of Marquis researchers and developers are intentionally focused on the creation of integrated information gateway tools. eOMIS® now provides more than best in class data access and visualization. Users will enjoy employing their operational skills through the use of proprietary patterns of data navigation that provide deeper insight and more thorough context than has ever been possible using the predeterminate-click-path oriented that most business applications employ.

The new BI, HCI, and UX technologies offer a broad avenue of information for users as they navigate their day-to-day operations. Practitioners can work along a broad swath of data, seeing many multiples of record summaries in context with one another, as opposed to diving in and out of various detail elements and collecting the bits required for a decision, then going back to the pertinent detail after the decision is made. Having multiple related records in view while working through an operational requirement provides a more complete perspective where they can evaluate risk and operational requirements from a high level, and link into the detail when appropriate.

eOMIS® dashboard applications offer a broad-spectrum summary view of all the information relevant to the task at hand. From the dashboard, users have a single point of view of data from multiple areas and can navigate into and back from detailed views with ease. This proprietary navigation gateway technology, coupled with the unparalleled data collection capabilities in eOMIS®, is but one example of the constant innovation that continues to keep eOMIS® elevated to first in class.

InTouch Apps Extend the Power of eOMIS®

Marquis is raising the standard by providing our clients with cutting edge mobility through our InTouch suite of apps. Utilizing the latest in UI design, biometrics, and mobile security, InTouch extends the power of eOMIS® to smart phones and tablets, allowing staff to perform their duties regardless of their location or connectivity to the internet. Additionally, by leveraging tablets issued to inmates in a correctional facility or a community supervised offender’s personal device, InTouch provides access to information and resources securely and efficiently.