eOMIS Inmate Management

Expedient inmate intake processing and real-time inmate pending processes status tracking.
Real-time paperless workflow and approval process for incident reports, classification recommendations, etc.
Automatically calculate offender sentence time whenever revisions to the sentence are recorded.
Automate housing counts, out counts, transfers, receipts and conflicts in real-time.


Managing inmate information presents challenges that can tax any staff. Budget and staff reductions have strained most corrections facilities to the point that puts offenders, care givers, correction officers and the community at risk.

The eOMIS™ Electronic Inmate Management uses technological efficiencies to improve the way inmate information is accessed, providing daily benefits across all of your operations.

It is designed to be an integral component of your inmate operations, with core functionality including:

eOMIS™ Inmate Management modules are seamlessly integrated into a single, comprehensive system.

The graphic above illustrates all of our eOMIS™ modules with an emphasis on the Inmate Management modules.

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